KEBA Group Introduction

KEBA – Founded in 2006, involving in the exploitation, design, manufacture and trade of landscape and roofing products. As a multiplex and comprehensive company, KEBA is always rooted in the area of building materials and overall construction solution.

To solve the problem in the following areas:

  • Landscape Building Material Area: Up to now, we have developed a variety of landscape products which are Green & Low-carbon, such as Synthetic Thatch, Synthetic Antique roofing tiles, Ropes, Rope nets, leather lashing, Screws, etc. Supply a complete set of installation and service for Theme Park, Tourist Resort, Historic Building, Resort Hotel, Holiday Villas, Beach Seascape, etc.

  • Roofing System Solution: Design various styles of roofing, along with different styles of KEBA roofing products.

  • Other Building Material Area: Research and develop new thermal insulation, energy conservation and environment protection building materials.

We advocate the Green Environmental Protection, Natural Decoration, High quality, Detail Oriented, One-stop Service as our brand concept, provide a complete Roofing System Service for our clients, including Disney, Lotte, Hengda.

Through our unremitting efforts and practical application, we continuously develop new type of outdoor landscape materials, which can highly restore the original style and also solve all the disadvantages of traditional product.

We - KEBA have our own Research and Development Team, Modernization of Plant and Production Equipment, Experienced Engineering Team, Skilled Construction Team and Comprehensive After-sales Service.